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VIII Targeted Individuals (TI’s)
The internet is awash in websites of people claiming to be targets of organized gang stalking and electronic harassment. These obviously distraught people refer to themselves as targeted individuals (TI's). After meeting with 220 individuals and subjecting their case studies to an epidemiological analysis it was possible to assign the group with a collective set of risk factors. It is helpful if the reader will imagine a huge database with millions and millions of names… perhaps everyone in the United States. The targets are chosen with a computer program that gives a cumulative weighted score to each name when they engage in a certain proscribed activity. Picture this computer program acting as an elaborate three strikes and you’re out program. Every targeted activity or behavior carries a weighted score and every entry to the TI's name increases their cumulative score. When the score reaches a certain quantity then that person is automatically enrolled in the program as a target that will be tracked on the DARPA tracking system and subjected to organized gang stalking and attacks by speed of light antipersonnel technology that will only end with the termination of the target. The electronic harassment cases that were visited and interviewed were distinct, but their commonalities tie in with the profile for both MKULTRA and Cointelpro targets. The first case study was an individual in San Antonio, Texas who we will call Elizabeth. Although the average target is a single Caucasian female in her forties, Elizabeth is case study number one, and fairly typical. She is in her early 70’s, Hispanic, and of above average intelligence, as are nearly all targets. Elizabeth was a civil rights activist in the 1960’s who was instrumental in integrating the movie theaters in Dallas, Texas where previously African Americans were forced to sit in the upper balcony to watch movies. Strike one, civil rights activity. In the 1960’s she picked up a hitchhiker who, unbeknownst to her, was an army deserter. When she reached home her sister was waiting at the door and said, “The FBI was here looking for you”. Strike two, an FBI file entry of any kind. Later in life she went to work for a major oil company, Chevron, and got her security clearance. Strike three is working for a major oil company as well as any personal or family association with the intelligence community. These are actually two risk factors. While employed with Chevron she worked in Iran, learned the language, lived with an Iranian family and established close personal relations with Iranian citizens. Strike four is foreign travel to certain countries as well as learning a foreign language and integrating with a foreign culture, “going native”. Much later in life she was employed by the state of Texas and was in an elevator accident that left her permanently injured and on disability. She was a “drain on the system”, strike five. Many of these risk factors may seem innocuous to the casual reader, but they exemplify many aspects of the mind set of the hard right wing perpetrators of Cointelpro and MKULTRA. Her civil rights activity may seem harmless and admirable to most people, but many American citizens were falsely imprisoned, assassinated or became forced suicides for these very activities in the 1960's and 70's. The minds behind the current neutralization and assassination program referred to here as MONARCH would consider Elizabeth’s civil rights activity to be the work of an internal dissident or possibly an agent provocateur of a foreign government. The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover tried for decades to establish a link between the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement with the USSR. Though no link was ever established it was not for lack of trying, and the fact that no link ever existed does not stop these personalities from believing that one did exist. It is the public position of the CIA and military intelligence personalities involved that the Vietnam War was lost due to a betrayal by domestic enemies. The same can be said of her giving a ride to an army deserter. She did not know that this person was an army deserter, but the fact that the FBI knew about this accidental contact and came to her house to question her reveals that she was already a “person of interest” who had an FBI file and was under surveillance, either casually or otherwise. Elizabeth went to work for Chevron and though millions of people have gone to work for major oil companies over the years and have not become targets, it appears that this is a quantifiable risk factor across the population of targeted individuals (TI’s). Oil is a strategic commodity and oil companies employ spies more than any other industry because they have an excuse for foreign travel and wind up in the farthest corners of the globe. According to a former employee, Exxon Mobil employs more spies than any other entity in the world. Getting her security clearance would also appear rather mundane, but a surprising number to TI’s have family members who are in the intelligence community and military. It is also not uncommon for intelligence community or military families who were radiation experiment victims to also be “enrolled” in the MKULTRA and MONARCH experimental programs. The fact that Elizabeth traveled to Iran as part of her employment with Chevron and immersed herself in the Persian language and lived with an Iranian family is on its face admirable. In fact, traveling to certain places in the world such a Cuba, Central America, or the Middle East apparently brings US citizens under the scrutiny of the intelligence services. These are areas of intense activity and interest to the “community” and anyone traveling say, to Cuba, would be viewed as a potential foreign agent. This of course is patently ridiculous in her case but it does not mean that the mentality of the personalities behind this program of experimentation and torture do not view the world in such a manner. Finally, when she became injured and began to draw money for disability out of the system if you will, instead of putting money into the system, she became what the proponents of eugenics would term an ‘empty eater”. She would be viewed as a drain on society by a certain philosophy that is evidently applied to other targets. Eugenics is the philosophy that was a quack science that viewed certain racial groups as inherently inferior. This “science” found its full expression in the Holocaust that targeted racial groups for mass extermination, resulting in the deaths of 9 million civilian men, women, and children. Dr. Joseph Mengele had degrees in eugenics and medicine and was sent to Auschwitz by his boss, the famous eugenicist Dr. Verschuer. Both men worked for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation. This philosophy did not die out, and is in fact a major facet of the current MONARCH program. A primary risk factor for Elizabeth that was mentioned only in passing is the fact that she is Hispanic. Being an ethnic minority is also a common risk factor for the TI community, though not exclusive. This philosophy is also a carry over from the Cointelpro program that views minority populations within the US as a potentially destabilizing factor at best. Elizabeth became an overt target of MONARCH 7 years ago (2000). It began with active gang stalking accomplished primarily by foreign nationals and community policing groups who would follow her and harass her in public as well as enter her home and vandalize and steal her possessions and personal papers. In public, during the initial stages of her targeting, strangers, in organized fashion followed her into public places, would invade her personal space, say inappropriate things to her, and impede her physically in stores or in traffic, using blocking maneuvers. These events happen to everyone but when these events occurred sometimes dozens of times a day, often with the same strangers involved, it became apparent that something very wrong was happening to her. Entries into her home became a common occurrence, sabotaging and stealing her possessions, and often subtle signs were left such as trash, or rearranging of the furniture, just to let her know that her personal space had been invaded. This activity is a form of psychological warfare that was implemented by the US government in the 1950’s aimed at enemy agents. It was discovered that it was not necessary to assassinate suspected enemy agents to stop their espionage activities in the US. Merely by harassment such as bumping their car in traffic, cutting in front of them in lines, brushing against them in public places, cursing them in public, repeated entry into their homes and sabotage of their possessions, these activities however mundane, worked. It was only necessary to make these normal type events happen 10-20 times a day to artificially raise the stress level of the targeted foreign agent. Once the stress level of the target is kept artificially high for an extended period it interferes with normal sleep and work related activities. After several weeks of this treatment the foreign agents’ quality and quantity of work falls precipitously and they are in effect neutralized in place. These same tactics were applied to Elizabeth in an organized fashion by people who much of the time, but not exclusively, could be identified as foreign nationals. These people had no records of their identity in the US, therefore no criminal history, and no direct ties to any domestic law enforcement or intelligence agencies could be established. Elizabeth’s stalkers were for all intents and purposes ‘non-persons” who did not exist in any database in the US and could be used for operations with plausible deniability. Her overt targeting began in 2001 with repeated entries into her home. Foreign nationals moved into her building and if she left her apartment 5 times a day they would enter her home 5 times, steal what they wanted, and destroy what they did not wish to steal. Her furniture was moved, her appliances altered, and her life in short, turned upside down. Elizabeth is a dynamic person who fought back by complaining to the police and asserting her rights. The police proved rather indifferent and in general not very helpful. They would take down her complaints of theft and vandalism and leave. The same activities would occur day after day without fail. It becomes apparent to all TI’s in short order that complaining to the authorities is ineffective and eventually counterproductive. In the words of one target, “I was complaining aloud to myself in my home that I couldn’t find any D cell batteries, I left to run errands the next day and when I came home my home had been entered again, and I discovered that the kitchen drawer had 24 D cell batteries”. “I can’t call up the police and tell them that someone broke into my home and deposited 24 D cell batteries”. Very soon it became apparent to Elizabeth that she could not tell the police that people were breaking into her home to rearrange the furniture. In the former USSR, during the age of detente, it was no longer good publicity to imprison and execute political dissidents. It became standard operating procedure since the 1960’s to harass political dissidents and paint them as mentally ill, incarcerate them in mental institutions and destroy them with experimental drugs. In the USSR, contemporary with the microwave attacks on the US embassy was the use of the same weapons to attack dissidents in their homes and places of business until they complained to authorities, at which time they were forcibly incarcerated in mental institutions. Schizophrenia affects people beginning in their 20’s or not at all. Adults in their 40’s and later do not spontaneously develop this form of mental illness. (Ross) Elizabeth is in her 70’s and has no personal or family background of mental illness. I am not a psychiatrist, but have studied psychology as a microbiologist who is interested in the possible pathogenic causes of schizophrenia. Besides my readings of human personality I have known many psychologists and health care professionals all my life and have discussed mental illness with them at great length. I have known people who are mentally ill and Elizabeth is not mentally ill. Part of the genius of the MONARCH program is to target people in such a way that if they tell the authorities or family and friends how they are being harassed it can be easily explained away that they are imagining things. Why would the neighbors enter your home on a daily basis and rearrange your furniture? Organized gang stalking and covert harassment begs the question from those uninitiated in the modalities of counter espionage, why would a group of strangers target a law abiding elderly lady who lives alone in San Antonio. It is counter intuitive
so the mind rejects it out of hand and searches for easier explanations. As if this was not enough stress to apply to an elderly woman, the best is yet to come. Concurrent with the constant psychological warfare and elevated stress due to her safety and security needs being taken away, needs common to all human beings, she is an experimental subject in a weapons development program. What better way to eliminate people who might qualify as potential threats than to turn them into fodder for a money making operation. Elizabeth is one of the worlds’ most expensive human guinea pigs, sacrificed in a terminal experiment to perfect the latest generation of speed of light weapons and to perfect the art of breaking the human mind in order to control it. Elizabeth experiences physical assaults from microwave weapons on her body and her mind. These weapons have been off the drawing board since the 1960’s and now are extremely versatile in their effects on the human mind and body. She is attacked with non-lethal weapons that deliver sub-dermal microwave burns, electric shocks and stings, and a generalized wasting of her physical body. Her central nervous system is under attack both when she is awake and when she is asleep. Microwaving of her hypothalamus causes her emotional state to be actively manipulated remotely, as Dr. Allen Fry accomplished with animals in 1958. Her REM stage sleep is interrupted and she is kept in a constant state of elevated stress and physical exhaustion that is designed to neutralize her and eventually kill her. Her belief systems are subject to manipulation through RHIC-EDOM, described from a CIA manual dating from the 1960’s, RHIC stands for radio hypnotic induced control, EDOM is short hand for electronic dissolution of memory. In short, when she attempts to sleep she is wide open to attack on her memory and her purposeful behavior. The Smirnov patent which is owned by Psychotechnologies Corporation (Richmond, Virginia) works by sending messages just above the level of human hearing. The subliminal message is received by the unconscious mind and human beings respond to the commands, in the words of Dr. Smirnov, “as a command from God you cannot disobey”. Psi-Tech which is run by the military intelligence personalities behind remote viewing and nonlethal weapons such as Col. Alexander, Ed Dames, and Albert Stubblebine, became the exclusive owner of Dr. Smirnov’s patent for remote manipulation of human behavior when Dr. Smirnov died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Another manner of interference is accomplished by using Dr. Michael Persingers’ technology (DOD funded scientist and member of the American Enterprise Institute) to send a signal of rage or fear at the target that the brain entrains with, or locks onto. Fear and rage, as well as other negative emotions can be forced on the target remotely using this nonlethal technology to manipulate and control them. Elizabeth is attacked in her home with microwaves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These attacks by ionizing and nonionizing radiation are designed to destroy her as a human being, her physical body, her emotional well being, and her spiritual self. In every way that a human being can be tortured, Elizabeth is being slowly murdered in order to learn how to neutralize and kill with the latest and greatest weapons system ever devised. She is being killed by invisible bullets and no one will help her. Her complaints to her elected representatives have fallen on deaf ears, her letters have joined the “crazy file” that every elected representative now maintains, made up of thousands of desperate people demanding and begging for help. Elizabeth is smart and a fighter but she is just a human being. Her face and skin over her entire body have been specifically targeted to disfigure her and make her appear older than she is. Elizabeth was once a very beautiful, petite, vibrant woman that looked at least ten years younger than her actual age. Female targets are often disfigured to strike at the heart of their emotional selves. It is very common for female targets to get special attention paid to deteriorating their looks and their bodies to bring about a psychological collapse. Sexual torture, even of the elderly targets is very common. Elizabeth has moved multiple times to try to escape the attacks in her home, but to no avail. It generally takes about 2-3 weeks for the perpetrators to move into proximity to TI’s and begin the break-ins and “nonlethal” weapons attacks. After meeting Elizabeth it was very difficult to leave her in her situation, but it was necessary to move onto the next TI. Case study number two is a man we will call Jesus. Jesus is in his early forties, married with two young children, and lives near San Antonio, Texas. Jesus was working very hard, supporting his family while going to law school. He was nearing completion of his law degree and working for a very prestigious and powerful law firm in 2001. The law firm was treating him in a very reprehensible manner and rather than be a passive victim, he filed a discrimination lawsuit against the firm. Almost immediately he began to experience microwave attacks in his home against himself, his wife, and his two children. The nature of the attacks was very vicious, particularly against his eyes and other parts of his anatomy. He documented the attacks with a gauss meter, a signal strength meter, and other electronic equipment. The children were also viciously attacked in the same manner, crying in their beds when the signal would peak. When Jesus would work on his case or talk to people on the phone, the microwave attacks on his children would commence in earnest in an effort to thwart his activities of fighting back against the law firm. His wife became pregnant and the attacks were also pointedly directed at her and her unborn child. Jesus has extensive documentation of these attacks, pictures of his very blatant physical injuries, such as horribly bloodshot eyes. He has documentation of the attacks recorded on his electronic equipment while they are occurring. He has photographs of his infant child with horribly bloodshot eyes due to a microwave assault, as well as recordings of his children crying in their beds while they are under the torture of an assault from a nonlethal microwave weapon. This rather pointed torture of his family seems designed to send a very specific message that he should drop his lawsuit. In order to spare his family he moved outside of his home to other locations in town to spare his wife and children the worst of the “nonlethal” attacks. When Jesus moved out, the attacks on his family diminished in their intensity, but they have never ended. His own physical mutilation continues wherever he tries to find refuge. The family has even fled to multiple locations in Mexico to stay with extended family. This has resulted, according to him, in previously healthy elderly relatives very rapidly becoming weaker and weaker, until they experience increasing morbidity and death. Jesus has appealed to every law enforcement official and elected representative he possibly can. He has gone on TV on the Power Hour to get greater exposure and possibly relief. To date, as far as I know he is still under attack as is his family. His body has become so sensitive to the intense microwave attacks that he is no longer able to stay on the computer or phone for very long. I have not spoken to Jesus in nearly two years. This case has fewer risk factors than Elizabeth (case number one), and as such is atypical, but not entirely unusual. It falls under the category of whistle blower, which may comprise as many as 5-10% of all cases of targeted individuals. Whistle blowers are often government employees who suspect criminal wrong doing and try to bring such cases of corporate and government criminality to light and are subsequently “enrolled” in the MONARCH program. Another example of a whistle blower target is case number 124; a Caucasian woman in her early 60’s who worked for the state of Florida counseling teens who had been sexually abused as children. Her young clients were victims of abuse in childhood and were often taking medication. According to her a surprising number of these abuse victims reported hearing voices despite taking medication. She considered this not unheard of, but the sheer number of such reports and their percentage of her caseload was something she considered completely beyond the realm of probability. Her supervisor was very hostile when she mentioned her suspicions that something was terribly wrong and he marked her as a trouble maker. It was then that her gang stalking and targeting with microwave weapons began. Her torture has continued for 16 years across half a dozen states. When last I spoke with her she was so physically debilitated that she was reduced to “stuffing envelopes” to pay her bills and wondered aloud if she should have ended her life in the beginning instead of having endured the last 16 years of unimaginable torture for nothing. I did not know what to tell her. Closely related to the whistle blower category, are the revenge incorporated category of targets. One female TI's husband was retiring from the military and having affairs with two different women. She was enrolled into the program by her husband in an effort to have her committed to a mental institution to avoid a divorce settlement. Other revenge incorporated, or murder incorporated targets are business owners who are targeted by a business partner in order to steal the company assets, or persons set to inherit large amounts of money from a family member. The revenge incorporated and whistle blower categories where one is “enrolled” for monetary purposes together comprise perhaps as much as 15-20% of TI cases. There is a great deal of variability across the range of TI’s in both the reasons for their targeting as well as in the manner that they are targeted. Academics, scientists and inventors who possess intellectual property of value are often targeted to relieve them of their ability to retain their patentable intellectual property. Microbiologists are particularly well represented in the target population. Multiple targets share the risk factor of belonging to religions such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Buddhists, Christian sects, and other groups that are not mainstream religions, a category that will be referred to as religious dissidents. Twins are very common targets, usually one twin is overtly targeted with electronic harassment and microwave weapons while the other twin functions as the control group. In this manner the physiological and mental effects and how much a normal life span is shortened can be exactly measured. The children of Masons and Shriners are also well represented in the target population in relation to the general population, some of which appear to be carry-overs from the MKULTRA program. In 2006 I attended the SMART conference in Connecticut, a group of MKULTRA survivors organized by Mr. Neil Brick, himself an MKULTRA survivor. These are people who were experimented upon as children in the laboratory and subjected to the techniques of electroshock, radiation, pain induction, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, rape, and other methods designed to induce multiple personality disorder. The average age at the time of their “enrollment” into the program was 4-6 years old. The profile of the average MKULTRA victim is the same as the MONARCH experimental subjects, single, Caucasian, female, above average intelligence, except that these subjects are approximately 10 years older, average age in their 50’s. About half of these victims had been subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) exclusively or in combination with the programming that occurred in government labs. Those that were SRA programming victims only, tended to be younger than the population that came out of the government labs exclusively. This population shows a strong correlation to family members who were Masons and "religious dissidents" and related groups. MONARCH victims also strongly correlate to family members as Masons (5-10%), but much less so than MKULTRA survivors, who demonstrate a family association with Masons and related groups at about 20% or more. The SMART conference meeting (2006) was attended by more than 40 victims, none of whom were being overtly targeted with microwave weapons in the MONARCH program. These people were all survivors of experimental programming in government laboratories or from Satanic Ritual Abuse in cults. It is important to realize that the techniques and results are identical. MKULTRA and SRA programming are identical. The later began to be used as a cover for MKULTRA programming in the community after it became to dangerous for US intelligence agencies to accomplish this work in government labs. I have encountered several cases of MONARCH experimental subjects who were also MKULTRA victims. These few cases were people whose family members had been subjects of radiation testing and MKULTRA, and the entire family had been used as experimental subjects across the generations. There seems to have been a concerted effort not to contaminate the MONARCH population with the MKULTRA population, but some bleed through between the two programs has evidently occurred, generally with more elderly experimental subjects. The government has attempted to ignore the MKULTRA survivors such as the SMART conference group, rather successfully so, but they have come to the attention of therapists, many of whom have treated hundreds of these people over the years. This is a heroic action on their part considering that the MKULTRA victims are often disabled by chronic illness, destitute, and dangerous to interact with considering that the entire population of survivors is under some degree of surveillance because their recovered memories implicate MKULTRA programmers and by association the intelligence community. In March, 1995, two MKULTRA survivors, Claudia Mullen and Chris DeNicola, as well as their therapist, Valerie Wolf, testified before the Presidents’ Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments about the MKULTRA program. Both women named the government psychiatrists, scientists, and CIA personnel (Gottlieb, Helms, and others) who were involved in their programming. One of the two women was subsequently shot in the stomach by an intruder who broke into her home, and both women are now in hiding. The oldest MONARCH subject I have personally interviewed (though there are older subjects) is case study number 23, who will be referred to as Bob. He is a Caucasian, male, mid 70’s, living in Los Angeles, California. Bob was the recipient of a very exclusive law school scholarship in the early 1950’s. He was one of about 20 students selected out of thousands of applicants each year. The McCarthy era Red Scare was in full swing, fear and paranoia gripped the nation as perhaps no time before or since. Bob as a young man went on a speaking tour of the country, giving speeches about the Constitution and the strength of the Republican form of government, in opposition to the right wing hysteria that had taken hold of the entire society. Bob was tall, distinguished, with a great speaking voice and the ability to inspire people even at this young age. He almost immediately became a target of Cointelpro, his employers, landlords, and personal relations were secretly visited by FBI agents who pressured these people to break their associations with him unless they too might become suspect by their association with him. His life was sabotaged at every turn, and the career that had begun with such promise faded into a series of one disappointment after another. In the 1960’s Bob began to receive physical attacks from directed energy weapons. He reports a very strong electrical shock or jolt to his head and he experiences intense childhood memories, so intense is the electrical stimulation at that specific area of his brain that the memories are overwhelming and for a time incapacitating. For the last forty years Bob has been attacked daily in just this manner in tandem with sleep deprivation such that he reports not having had a real night sleep in the forty plus years of his directed energy attacks. During my visit to Bob in 2005 I personally observed his physical reaction to the attacks that incapacitated him, his deteriorated physical condition, inability to sleep, and the strange behavior of his neighbors, many of whom were foreign nationals who drove new cars but did not seem to have jobs. While I was there his water was unceremoniously cut off after I suggested testing it, his phone was often out of working order, his personal
possessions were repeatedly vandalized by surreptitious entries, and a general state of what I would characterize as a harassment campaign appeared to be occurring on a daily basis. Bob was personal friends with a US Senator from his college days and he had been working nearly every day of his adult life appealing to the politically powerful to help stop these ongoing Cointelpro crimes against him. It occurred to me that this individual could very well have become a senator or even president, as had some of his friends from law school, but instead he was living out a nightmare scenario that even Steven King would be hard pressed to replicate. I left Bob after 7 days of visiting him with a heavy heart. I could not protect him from the onslaught that had been continuing for over 50 years of his life. It is a very common risk factor among TI’s to have been associated with progressive political parties, organizing activities, and political writings. Lawyers such as Bob, Jesus, and others who display a proclivity towards activism of a liberal or even moderate nature are common in the TI population. Case study number 24 was a family of four living in Sacramento, California. Terry is 45, married with two daughters in their twenties. He was born in Pakistan and moved to the US at the age of four, he has a master’s degree in engineering, his American born wife has a college degree, and his two daughters both are working on their masters degrees. One daughter is an aeronautical engineer and the other is a sociologist entering law school. Terry became a target just after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. What is unusual about this case is that the entire family of four are overt targets of gang stalking and microwave attacks. The majority of individual TI’s (90%) who are targeted also report that the technology may be used against members of their family, but not in an overt manner. The TI’s parents may be attacked in a manner that deteriorates their health without their being aware of it, or their emotions are manipulated to disrupt relationships within the family group. I have found this to be the case with most targets, their family members are subjected to covert attacks that produce health effects that can be passed off as organic disease and a concerted effort is often made to turn people against each other. Terrys’ family is very religious, Bahia faith, and very close knit. They are lucky compared to other targets who are purposefully isolated from family and friends because their family has drawn closer together since they became aware of a collective torment. Normally Terry would experience the physical and mental torture that would drive him to seek help and plead his case to his family members. His wife and daughters would not be physically attacked in a recognizable manner, rather they would experience very negative emotions towards each other and be driven apart emotionally and physically. They might also experience consequences to their health that could be explained as early onset of organic disease. I could not be sure why this wonderful group of people had been tormented as a group as opposed to the standardized operating procedure of isolation of a single target within a family. Terry had several common risk factors, above average intelligence, foreign birth, inter-racial marriage, religious minority, but this case was strange because these were not the usual high number of risk factors, and the overt targeting of an entire family was outside the norm. I visited the family and observed them for several days. They were generally healthy, hard working, loyal Americans who prized education and freedom above all other things, yet they were in obvious distress. He had owned his home for 26 years. The neighbors ran the gamut of strange to menacing. I identified about eight different neighbors, mostly Hispanic (70%), some foreign nationals, who I considered to be behaving in the standard manner of perpetrators. Many would come and go at the same time as Terrys’ family members as if they did not have regular working hours or even jobs. This shadowing activity is common among TI’s and is designed to let the target know that they are being observed and their comings and goings are known. According to Terry some of the neighbors houses where they “live” were not the neighbors’ only homes and may not have been their primary residence. These second homes on Terrys’ street may in fact have been their places of employment. Several neighbors would stand outside in their yards and glower at us as we sat on the porch. This in and of itself was not terribly unusual, but he was right about the neighbors…something was in the air. The neighbors showed unusual attention and obiescence to a state employee who lived at the end of the cul de sac. He was Caucasian, early 60’s, an employee of the state of California who, whenever he drove into the cul de sac, was greeted by the neighbors as if he were a Raj or some kind of lord. This state employee was presumably their source of employment, or in other words their handler. None of these people were college graduates, yet they drove nice cars, owned their homes, and seemed to work irregular hours, if at all. Several were active or former members of the military who tried to stare me down. The microwave attacks that all four targets reported entering the family home were not designed specifically to attack their mental capacity and break down their personalities with microwave hearing, something common among approximately half of the TI population. The microwave attacks featured shocks, stings, stabs, and the wasting effect of generalized fatigue and emotional distress of standard "nonlethal" microwave weapons attacks. The entire family was experiencing fatigue and moderate to serious health affects due to frequencies that interrupt sleep, induce fatigue, and cause a general physical wasting. They did not get the effect of microwave hearing, and they were attacked as a group. Like most TI’s they sought relief with “shielding”, which often include everything from thermal blankets to lead bricks in an effort to deflect the physical heating and bodily deterioration from being "cooked". Terry had an engineering background so his house was a collection of what I find in the homes of most TI’s. Electronic detection equipment, thermal blankets, lots of fans, humidifiers, and even at one point the family resorted to corrugated sheeting placed at discrete angles stacked all around their house. The specter of 12 foot long by 3 foot wide corrugated sheeting entirely surrounding the outside of a house in suburban Sacramento did not go unnoticed. Terry showed the authorities the readings of elevated levels of MW energy in and around his house, the burns on thermal blankets, burns on vegetation outside the house, documented health effects, the constant harassment and stalking behavior of his “neighbors” meticulously documented, all to no effect. The authorities are initially interested and sympathetic, then the police and inspectors were replaced with other less interested individuals who professed ignorance at the nature or source of the MW energy around his home. He bravely made the evening news for 2 weeks, appealed for help and was painted as something of a nut on one station, at which time he was forced to take the shielding down. Terry reported to me that one month earlier he was walking on the side of his house and he felt a blast of warm air. A large hose was coming out of his neighbor’s attic, down the side of the house, under the fence and into his yard in a concealed manner. The neighbors who moved in all around him shortly before his targeting with microwave weapons began, had planted fast growing trees and hedges that formed an enormous U shaped barrier, 30-60 feet high, on three sides of his home. It was a barrier that contained the air around his house very tightly. The prevailing wind generally pushed the air flow down the cul de sac of his street towards the front of his home and into the open area of the barrier, thus containing the air flow in a pocket around his home. When Terry discovered the concealed hose he mounted very large industrial fans in his backyard and pushed the captive air out of the artificially created air pocket. The school that is less than 100 meters from his back door was immediately evacuated in what was described publically as a gas leak emergency. I witnessed his immediate neighbors often react to a distinctive horn or whistle that when it sounds they enter their houses and shut all doors and windows for approximately 2-3 hours. When the distinctive horn is sounded gain these same hostile neighbors emerge from their homes as if they had been given an all clear. Subsequently the suspicious neighbors can be observed washing down their cars, the sides of their houses, and even the sidewalks with a distinctive residue afterwards in evidence on the ground. At night multiple neighbors can be observed using a black light or ultraviolet light inside their homes. I am a microbiologist who has worked in molecular biology to develop bacteriophage drugs to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria that kill 80,000 Americans in hospitals every year. Ultraviolet light is the primary means of destroying virus particles. If I expose virus in the lab to ultraviolet light they literally fall apart in very short order. I personally observed all of the above behaviors with my own eyes, the organized harassment and stalking behaviors of the neighbors, the distinctive warning horns that send the neighbors scurrying inside and the all clear horn that brings them back out into their yards to hose down their cars, sidewalks, and even the sides of their houses. The reason that Terry and his family are all targeted together is that they are in a distinctive category of the experimental microwave weapons program. Terry and his family are being used in an experimental fashion to test the use of small amounts of biological and chemical agents in tandem with the microwave frequencies. The experimental virus and or chemical particles are released from the house next door into the air pocket around his home formed by the enormous hedges and trees that surround his house in a U shape. The horn is sounded and the neighbors quickly enter their homes and shut their doors and windows to prevent exposure. Terry, his wife, and their two daughters are bathed in microwave frequencies that resonate or spin the viral and chemical agents to increase their activity within the human body. The blood brain barrier porosity is altered by the microwave attack and particle sizes that would normally be blocked are allowed to cross the blood brain barrier directly into the brain. The microwave weapon is tuned specifically to the cyclotronic resonance or resonance frequency of the viral or chemical particles and baths all four of their bodies and thus increases the reactivity of the introduced agent millions of times above normal. This functions the same as giving the experimental group a massive dose of the experimental agent. The experimental exposure is continued for well over an hour and then allowed to dissipate at which time the all clear is sounded and the neighbors emerge from their homes and use their garden hoses and high pressure nozzles to wash down the sides of their houses, their cars and their sidewalks. Normally biological warfare agents will deteriorate almost entirely in a matter of a few hours under conditions of intense direct sunlight and heat. Terry and his family are being used as human experimental subjects to perfect the latest technique for using chemical and biological agents in conjunction with microwave weapons. Terry is particularly beset with health problems that have left him unable to work. When he visits his doctor, tests of many kinds are run on his blood and bodily processes. Unbeknownst to Terry, his test results and those of his family are almost certainly given to the government perpetrators of these crimes in order to measure the affect of the viral and chemical agents. Terry and his entire family are in a terminal experiment that will end in death. He and his family have been sacrificed to perfect the latest use of “nonlethal” weapons in conjunction with biological and chemical warfare. The DOD hides these programs in the DOJ under the title of “crowd control” in order to avoid detection, which would put them in violation of international treaties, not to mention war crimes. I told Terry he should move, but he was adamant that he and his family would stay no matter what. I informed him of my worst fears to which he replied that the experiment would only recommence at a different location if they moved. From my experience with the target population I could not dispute his assertion. Out of the 220 TI’s I have met, only a very few report being able to avoid the worst of the electronic harassment by relocating to a different state or country, and for these 2-3 individuals the intense targeting began again at some later date. One thing is very clear about the program these people are under…once it starts it never stops until they are dead. Having said this, it should be noted that the mortality factor for TI’s is surprisingly low considering the ferocity of the torture program that they are under. Though it is difficult to be exact, only about one out of 20 or one out of 40 TI’s appear to die each year. Most of these deaths are from suicide or accidents and the next most common cause is from disease due to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Occasionally targets are murdered, but this factor is surprisingly low. Considering the sheer manpower involved and the tremendous expense of targeting these unwilling human test subjects it is clear that these individuals are extremely valuable in terms of the data that is being gleaned from their physiological and psychological states. The program is probably targeting at least 2,000 people overtly in the US and probably more than that considering that very young targets and very elderly targets are generally unable to go online. Cheryl Welsh has been doing an outreach to TI’s worldwide since the early 1990’s and she claims to have been on touch with 6,000 targets of electronic harassment. The scale of the MONARCH program represents an investment in unlimited manpower and unlimited funding that could only come from the federal government. As was mentioned before, there appears to have been a concerted effort to keep the human radiation experiments, MKULTRA experiments, and the MONARCH experiments from contaminating each other, but there has been some bleed through between all three represented in just a very few human subjects. What is most striking is the degree of sophistication evident in the efforts to camouflage the MONARCH program by varying the types of attacks within the TI population. A majority of TI’s get both organized gang stalking and electromagnetic attacks characterized by physical assaults using ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The physical assaults that instill trauma, sleep deprivation, fear and anger, are also augmented with microwave hearing or V2K as the TI community refers to it…voice to skull. This capability is common knowledge at the Pentagon and is referred to as synthetic telepathy. The use of voice to skull is exactly the strategy that Dr. Ewen Cameron used. Cameron was an MKULTRA programmer who was fond of giving human subjects massive doses of LSD, then giving them massive doses of electroshock until they were in a comatose state. Then he would subject them to recorded messages 24 hours a day for months in a technique he referred to as “psychic driving”. It was designed to program the empty mind of the traumatized patient. The voice to skull attacks are repetitive messages that are typically death threats and other negative speech that is designed to peg the stress level of the target at artificially high levels. This elevated level of stress, in the words of Col. John B. Alexander, neutralizes the TI in place, such that they are unable to sleep normally, nor are they able to have normal memory function. Learning ability is impaired and the average TI during times of concerted attack is often incapable of any but the most rudimentary of tasks. In the beginning of my study I had expected to find symmetry in the attacks, but instead I have found a lack of symmetry that is by design. In the parable of the seven blind men and the elephant, seven blind men each grasp a different part of the elephant and try to
describe exactly what kind of animal they have at hand. Each man winds up describing something subtly or even radically different than the man standing next to him. The MONARCH program is designed to create just this type of confusion within the TI community. Nearly half of the TI’s experience gang stalking, physical microwave assaults and voice to skull. Some get microwave physical attacks and voice to skull only, while others might experience only gang stalking. One target who gets gang stalking only will try to explain their experiences to a target getting only microwave attacks, but neither can easily comprehend what the other is describing, and would be hesitant to believe that both are in the same program of torture, if they believe each other at all. If this were not subterfuge enough, within each of the above categories there are varying degrees of complexity and modes of attack that further confuses the issue among targets, much less for non-TI’s trying to understand what is happening to these people. The MONARCH program of attack forms a spectrum of modes of attack that are as subtly different as the slowly changing colors of a rainbow. It is confusing by design, and brilliantly so. The commonalities that the US program shares with the attacks against political dissidents in the USSR in the 1960’s and 70’s are startling. As stated previously, the USSR was entering an age of detente with the US, so by the 1960’s it was no longer politically feasible to arrest targeted dissidents, “debrief” them in Lubyanka prison, and then take them out the back door, shoot them in the head, and roll their bodies into a mass grave. Nation states, even dictatorships, (eventually) care about how things look and what other countries think of them. In the age of detente the USSR used harassment and microwave attacks to brand their political targets as mental cases, forcibly confine them to psychiatric hospitals and experiment on them with drugs that can only be described as chemical lobotomies. It is a primary strategy in the MONARCH program to get the TI into the mental health system as soon as possible in order to discredit them for future complaints. The majority of targets are in their 40’s when they are subjected to the gang stalking and microwave attacks. It is virtually unheard of for adults in their 40’s to spontaneously present with symptoms of schizophrenia, which is an illness almost exclusively of people in their 20’s. When TI’s are forced to take antipsychotic drugs none of them have reported the end of their experience of organized stalking or electronic harassment. If these people were all psychotic then the experience of being forced to take antipsychotic drugs would provide relief for a significant number of those people who are medicated. It produces not one single instance of relief from their torture. The explanation of mass hysteria is patently ridiculous. The fact that the USSR microwaved the US embassy in Moscow is a historical fact, despite the US government keeping it silent from the employees for more than two decades. The fact that the USSR did exactly this methodology to their own dissident citizens, but our citizens who complain of the same torture from the same weapons are supposedly all mentally ill is an explanation that does not bear up under the most cursory examination. Isolation is a primary strategy for breaking down the individual and by attacking targets in a manner that is virtually impossible to prove, they are alienated from friends and family. Efforts to explain their torture to family, friends, and co-workers only leads to greater isolation of the target. TI’s who are targeted in a different manner from other TI’s are equally alienated from each other. They do find other people who experience the same type of torment, but even then they are so traumatized that they are limited to going online with each other and describing what has happened to them in the previous days or weeks. They are able to commiserate with each other but are unable to fight back in a dynamic and effective manner. Most groups of TI’s are limited to letter writing to their elected representatives, bringing class action lawsuits, petition signing, and complaining to each other. The doctrine of counterinsurgency warfare, which is designed to prevent mass movements from forming, is woven into the methodology of remotely influencing human behavior. The technology is so powerful and so highly evolved after 60 or more years of development and refinement that the efforts of several thousand people over several decades have amounted to very little real progress in organizing together and fighting back against the unlimited resources of money, manpower, and technology that they are faced with. The technological attack on the human mind is capable of instilling a psychology of victimization, resentment, alienation and retaliation that cannot be replicated or surpassed by other means. Nonlethal microwave weapons and mind control are the ultimate weapon. Most of the TI community is even alienated from itself, as the torture program is designed to do, to stop a mass movement from forming. Classical torture victims, that is people who are bodily kidnaped by a regime, imprisoned and beaten, raped, and tortured with cattle prods and thumb screws often carry the emotional scars for the rest of their lives. This classical torture which has been practiced by nearly every country in the world at one time or another, is so prevalent today that there are several hundred thousand survivors presently living in the US. Horrific and haunting for life, these experiences were occurring for only a discrete period of time and only upon the bodies of the victims, the sadist had access to their bodies, broke them bodily and mentally terrorized them, but did not possess weapons that could directly affect or enter their minds. The technology of nonlethal weapons has allowed the sadist constant access to the body and
mind of the target in a virtual gulag that has no end. The experiment ends only in death, and as such may continue for decades. If the morbidity and mortality rate for TI’s is 5% a year, then the average TI will live out 20 years of their life in what amounts to an electronic pain amplifier that is also able to rape and destroy their minds. It is impossible to put yourself in their place and imagine what it is like to survive a day in the life of a TI. Psychologically if you are asked to believe in these weapons and their ability to target the human mind to such devastating affect then you are asking someone to give up their basic human psychological needs of safety and security. In effect it is asking you to believe that anyone anywhere can become a target of unimaginable torture with no way out save death. It is asking the man on the street to believe that a faction within the US government views them all as fodder, as cattle that they may do with what they wish. No human beings have ever suffered such a unique and powerful manner of torture in the history of mankind. Not just the experience of having an endless torture applied to their physical bodies, their very thoughts and feelings are open to manipulation. To make matters worse, the effects of the weapons systems have a detrimental effect on the human mind. The program is designed not only to make the individual TI look crazy if they try to tell others,
by their very nature the attacks with microwave radiation cause aberrant behavior in targets and depending on the strength of the personality, over time that person will eventually suffer from INDUCED neurosis, psychosis, and schizophrenia. Many of the TI’s I have met have begun to deteriorate after many years and decades of attacks. Active gang stalking by itself would eventually push most normal people beyond their emotional limits. Couple this with physical attacks on the human body, attacks that are continuous and debilitating unto death. The average TI has not had a real night’s sleep in many years. They often suffer from microwave burns that have gradually changed their ability to see, hear, speak, and function as they once did. The technique of microwaving the hypothalamus to interrupt the TI’s train of thought, emotional equilibrium, and normal purposeful behaviors has a tragic affect over time. Not only is a person so targeted unable to use their full memory function, they are deprived of their own inner voice and their own natural personality. A normal, healthy, functioning human being when deprived of sleep for several days will often exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia. TI’s who are subjected to the full weight and force of this technology are often driven to the very edge of sanity and beyond. It is common for the attacks to be relentless and push the target to the edge of their limits and beyond before tapering off, as if to stand back and admire their work. The attacks are designed to force a suicide or an act of violence that may be used to incarcerate the TI in a mental institution or a prison. These concerted efforts to drive the target beyond their limits may be referred to as a suicide program. Typically the attacks will begin like a campaign that attack the sleep, the body, the mind, and all of the TI’s efforts to live, work, and fight back. These campaigns soften up the TI and build to a gradually increasing crescendo of torment in an effort to push the TI to self destruction. The target slowly recovers some function as the attacks may slack off somewhat for a day or two, but before they have recovered the next heavy torture phase often begins again. This methodology keeps the TI off balance and in a constantly degraded condition. Since the TI is never allowed to recover from the last campaign, then the deterioration, both physical and mental, increases through the months and years. Targets that are new to the program probably have a much higher mortality rate than the overall population of TI’s online because the program is steeped in misdirection and psychological warfare designed to confuse the newly targeted person and make it difficult to understand just exactly what is happening to them. New targets are much more likely to succumb to a forced suicide, accidental death, or to retaliate and commit an act of violence that results in incarceration. TI’s are generally targeted because they are of above average intelligence and a potential threat in terms of influencing the people around them, and more generally speaking the course of human events. The minds behind MONARCH wish to control the future destiny of the United States and the human race. The majority of TI’s are people who have been identified as strong enough personalities to potentially interfere or even stop them. It even appears that a significant percentage of TI’s are identified early in life using intelligence tests in school and are followed throughout their lives and observed for many years before they are actively targeted with these horrific weapons. Even if a human being is in the top 5% of human intelligence they are still vulnerable to the gradual eroding of their sanity. The literature on microwave weapons states that a person targeted in this manner will generally lose 30 IQ points. A significant portion of the TI’s who have been attacked in this manner for twenty years or more exhibit an induced mental state of neurosis, paranoia, and even psychosis concurrent with periods of very heavy attacks. The symptoms of induced illness generally remit when the attacks lessen for short periods of time, even among people who have been tormented in this manner for thirty years of more. Case number 37 was a woman named Claire. She was Caucasian, single, in her late 50’s, highly educated, and had been a target for more than 30 years. She was homeless and on the run, her targeting was very vicious and being on the street she was at the mercy of her tormentors at all times. When I first spoke to her she was lucid, obviously of above average intelligence, she had a masters degree and had been targeted because she had intellectual property that was useful to the perpetrators. At other times, when under heavy attack, Claire was wide open to the effects of microwaving her hypothalamus. The thirty plus years of being mercilessly attacked in this manner had broken down her defenses and made her more vulnerable to interruptions and interference with her normal personality and purposeful behavior. Claire died in 2006, she was either killed in a hit and run by her gang stalkers, or she committed suicide because after her thirty fifth year of torture she could no longer endure the unendurable. Claire was a very accomplished woman who was destroyed. She had been subjected to a type of torture that no other human being in history had been forced to endure. In the past human beings could be tortured endlessly as long as they were kept alive, but the sadist did not have access to their minds. The slave at the whipping post might be forced to renounce his name and swear obedience, but in his mind he could still nurse his defiance, his independence, and his basic humanity. Claire had no such luxury because her mind was the true focus of an endless torture that could only end with her death. If she had in fact taken her own life who am I to judge her. No one will remember Claire, but her fate will be shared by millions of others if this use of electromagnetic "nonlethal" weapons targeting the human mind is not stopped once and for all. The central idea of the targeting appears to be to learn how to control a certain type of personality and neutralize them in place. This is highly reminiscent of the US military use of “Biscuit Teams”, specifically using psychologists and medical doctors to tailor a program of physical and psychological torture that is customized for each subject of interrogation. In fact this is exactly what is occurring to the TI community. Terry and Elizabeth and the other TI’s I have met are learning experiences and training experiences for the perpetrators, the "Biscuit Teams" that use nonlethal weapons. The idea is to study what Terry and Elizabeth do to fight back, how they adapt to the situation and what strategies they use to try to overcome the targeting. This knowledge will be used to anticipate what all future personalities that resemble those of Terry and Elizabeth will do and how to defeat them. It is a testament to the human spirit that these evil men who hold absolute power over human beings and can deliver any level of pain, suffering, and death at a key stroke, have not broken the will of the thousands of targets or forced them into thousands of acts of violence and suicide. It appears that part of the MONARCH program is a destabilization campaign, one designed to raise the level of fear in society. The original MKULTRA program spent many millions of dollars on social science and studied human psychology extensively to understand how far to push populations before they would willingly give up their personal freedoms to have stability and “safety”. This science was particularly useful in controlling foreign populations by depriving them of food, electricity, security, and knowing at what point these foreign citizens would relinquish control to a dictator or military junta that was under the sway of the US. This science of applying pressure to the man on the street and knowing when he will mentally capitulate and throw up his hands and says "Do whatever it takes to get me what I need” was useful for controlling foreign populations for decades and has now been applied to the US population. TI’s are often not aware of who is tormenting them with directed energy weapons anymore than they understand how it is being done. Early in a targeting event most individuals are forced to question their own sanity. A key component in this form of psychological warfare is misdirection. The attackers often pretend that they are someone who they are not, benign friends, or dark evil forces, agents of a foreign nation, or an alien race. Deception and confusion are the hallmarks of a psychological warfare operation and are a primary tactic in the targeting of all individuals. TI’s are often convinced that their neighbors or friends are involved when they may or may not be. Getting the TI to commit suicide, strike out against their tormentors and become institutionalized in a mental facility, or prison, or get themselves killed, are the primary strategies. TI’s often report that their unseen tormentors attempt to get them to retaliate in specific ways such as convincing them to go into a school and shoot people. This profile of attacking a school comprises about 5-10% of all TI cases, generally the tactic is used very early in the electronic attack such that the TI is still very confused and isoriented. If a TI enters a school and shoots people then they are neutralized and the society is destabilized. School shootings have become a fixture in the US and have occurred in Japan and the UK. When such an event occurs the intelligence agencies know that every person who puts their child on a bus in the morning now must deal psychologically with the terror that they may never see them alive again. The children grow up in a state of fear surrounded by armed men in uniform which prepares them for living in a police state later in life. Every TI that enters a school or other public place and commits an act of violence has further destabilized that society by raising the collective level of fear. Each event pushes society closer to the point where the man on the street is ready to relinquish his constitutional rights in return for “safety and security”. Every TI has an individual or group they blame for their electronic harassment. Some are quite correct in their suspicions while others are wildly off the mark. Hypnosis and trauma in early MKULTRA was used to reinforce screen memories, false memories that can be implanted to obscure the real memory of an illegal abduction and MKULTRA experiment on human subjects. Many of these abductions and experiments were performed on citizens who fit the profile of a Cointelpro and MKULTRA target. The first movie ever made about an alien abduction was the story of Betty and Barney Hill. They were an interracial couple who were very active in the civil rights movement, typical Cointelpro targets. The use of trauma and hypnosis on these two MKULTRA subjects was used to implant a false cover memory of alien abduction. It is important to remember that MKULTRA is a historical fact, though one not widely disseminated to the public. Approximately 20% of MKULTRA victims report the use of alien abduction screen memories to obscure MKULTRA and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) programing trauma. The first UFO scare was the Orson Wells radio broadcast in 1939 of H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. Many people who missed the disclaimer at the beginning of the program were convinced that they were being invaded by aliens. This program destabilized much of the entire eastern seaboard. Citizens were driven to a mass panic, alternately fleeing the alien invasion or gathering weapons and preparing to assault the imaginary
alien forces. Military intelligence personalities were taking notes. In 1944 they created a fictitious Fifth Army Group around General Patton, complete with fake radio traffic, tanks and planes, and a million men, all imaginary. The Germans bought the ruse and The Great Deception allowed the Normandy landings to succeed. After WWII, the US intelligence agencies used UFO sightings as a cover for experimental aircraft development and later the UFO ruse was the source of implanted memories to cover abductions related to MKULTRA mind control operations. The reported location of these “alien activities” is often near the location of nuclear weapons test sites and missile testing grounds. Much of the UFO community literature can be attributed to intelligence assets and former military officers that are often on the periphery of UFO conferences. This is all part of The Great Deception Part Two, the longest running and most successful psyop in history. If an MKULTRA era target comes forward with an implant it is often attributed to aliens. These aliens would have had to break the speed of light and traveled many millions of light years to implant Cointelpro targets with man made implants. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through. Occam’s Razor dictates that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The CIA has been developing implants for espionage purposes for 60 years and using false memories implanted through hypnosis and trauma to screen their illegal abductions and mind control activities. The personalities behind the remote viewing hoax, nonlethal weapons development, apocalyptic death cults, and alien abduction literature are openly agents or former agents of US intelligence agencies. You decide which is the true explanation. One thing more for the discerning reader to contemplate. The targeted individuals of both MKULTRA and MONARCH are often steered into the direction of believing in the existence of alien races that are the controlling force behind their initial torture or their ongoing electronic harassment. This may occur in 10% of the TI case studies, although the belief is more or less unshakable in only 2-3% of TI’s in the MONARCH program. These PSYOP based on alien belief systems have been continuous for 60 years and run through the nuclear weapons tests, MKULTRA and MONARCH programs. Every good psyop uses a part of the truth that is melded to a lie, the bigger the lie the more successful it is. Abductions, trauma, hypnosis, medical experiments, mind control, nonlethal microwave weapons development that remotely attack the nervous system, implants, and apocalyptic death cults are real. It is alien races bent on abducting humans and conquering the earth as well as remote viewing programs which are fictitious. The Big Lie is used to obscure the truth. The depth of confusion injected into psychological warfare operations in general and this operation in particular can be quite amazing to those uninitiated into the looking glass world of the intelligence community. The main idea is to confuse reality so that the person on the outside looking in cannot tell what is real and what is an illusion, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. During WWII British intelligence set up operation Tricycle, in effect they started their own German resistance movement inside the UK that sent out feelers and recruited German agents within England. Since British intelligence were themselves the resistance, anyone who became a German agent was an unknowing double agent, and all sabotage and spying operations could be used to feed disinformation to the other side. Most of the agents were loyal to Germany, but every thing they did, all of their identities, and all of their communications to German intelligence were known to British intelligence. The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) was staffed by honest hardworking people who were trying to fight against cults such as the Church of Satan and Scientology that were set up by the US intelligence agencies for MKULTRA mind control experiments and political infiltration operations. CAN was started by a friend of Ronald Reagan who was later the author of Orwellian behavior modification programs to be run by the state of California in abandoned missile silos on "genetically violent youth". In all likelihood CAN functioned much like Tricycle, most members being unaware that their organization, as well as the cults they were fighting were set up by the same people. In this murky world of PSYOP one must realize that you have gone down the rabbit hole and nothing is entirely as it seems. The normal mind rebels against it, but this is the new world you have found yourself in. Numerous books have been written by MKULTRA survivors who were taken into the lab as children of about 4 years of age and traumatized horribly to induce multiple personality disorder. Many different organizations have been started by the survivors of the MKULTRA and MONARCH programs. In the looking glass war it is certain that the vast majority are telling the truth, but invariably some people will be sent into the survivor community to muddy the waters. Their purpose is to discredit the entire movement and the unwary investigators that take their testimony. The method they would follow would be to tell 90% of the truth in a book about their experiences and one or more enormous lies. These lies would serve the same purpose as the alien abduction stories mixed with stories of implants and trauma and recovered memory. The concept can be used to accuse the innocent of crimes, much like the Cointelpro tactic of making the movement leaders wear the “snitch jacket”, making the innocent leaders of progressive movements appear to be government informers. Infiltration also creates suspicion and paranoia within the ranks of people who are already victims of decades of abuse and trauma. You would expect one or more books among the MKULTRA survivors would be plants and even entire organizations which are dedicated to fighting against the government crimes and exposing the truth would be like the example of Tricycle, started by the government and staffed by the unwary. It is important to know this information, that the intelligence agencies play both ends against the middle. It is equally important not to get too caught up in the idea that nothing is certain. The researcher and investigator must resign themselves to the idea of dealing in probabilities, not certainties. The Looking Glass War is designed to frustrate and confuse. Decide to be skeptical but not jaded, fascinated and amused, but not seduced, cautious and careful, but not so cynical as to be ineffectual. Seek reality, but be satisfied with some degree of ambiguity. The neutralization and assassination programs are a terrible reality that most people will be unable to stomach because it challenges everything we as Americans were brought up to believe in. Resign yourself to a certain degree of emotional pain and psychological distress, or else this may end, as in the words of one man who realized too late, “When they came for me there was no one left to protest”. The following are statements by survivors of the original MKULTRA, children experimented upon in government labs. (1995) These statements are followed by a brief summary of international efforts to prohibit these weapons and letters from TI’s to their elected representatives followed by legal complaints of electronic harassment victims (TI’s) brought before domestic and international bodies, My name is Blanche, and I am a citizen of the United States. I have been a victim of mind control experimentation since 1956 when I entered college. I have been in experiments in Upstate New York - Syracuse, Oswego. I have also been a victim at Penn State, Maimonides Centre, Parapsychology Labs at Princeton. I have been in one experiment after another. Finally I was kidnaped and taken to Cornell Medical Centre in Westchester. This has to stop. For the welfare of the country, for our children, for the future. Mr. President, thank you for your time. My name is Dave. I was one of fifteen children procured for adoption into wealthy families by three German medical doctors at the Women's Medical College of Philadelphia. I have experienced horror in my childhood. I was into sexual addiction since kindergarten. Following a severe head injury in 1985, memories of ritual abuse began to surface. Memories of child pornography, experimentation, lots of little girls, fondling, sexual abuse, abreaction of rapes as a four year old, a lot of violent sexual abuse. In 1995 and 1996 I began experiencing repressed memories of broken limbs, broken arms, ripping electrodes out of my head, and presently I am experiencing waves of electricity through my face, trying to erase the electricities and sores in my nose, they quickly disappear, as a result of putting electrodes in my nose. I am in pain as a result of my mental consequences of the abuse. I am on social security disability, a major decision without a hearing, that's how severe my mental situation is right now. I am asking, and rightfully demanding, an explanation of the horror and why my life has ended like this. Having raised a family and I have done it right, I find myself in this situation experiencing the memories of this horror that was perpetrated against me as a little child. Thank you for your time. My name is Ronald Howard Cohen. I am a writer. I am also an American citizen living in Canada who was a victim of the MKULTRA program in the 1960's which included my being kidnaped outside of Indianapolis, Indiana and my being taken to a military base in Maryland where I was severely drugged. I was also a victim of set-ups by the FBI, the CIA and U.S. Army Intelligence during the 1980's, and cover-ups which included the theft of my life's work - my writings stored in Bradelborough, Vermont, including my novel "Transgressions" which told the story of my kidnaping and my drugging. It is critical, if the injuries and damage done to individuals such as myself, and if the injuries and damage done to a nation's trust in its own government are to be mended and restored to their full vigour - that a full investigation of MKULTRA and all other mind control programs be instituted and completely and thoroughly looked at. Finally, and at long last, the United States must be big enough to let the chips fall where they may. As a citizen of Canada, I demand that President Clinton mandate a Presidential Inquiry on mind control experimentation. My name is Lynne Moss Sharman. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1947. I was subjected to mind control experimentation during the Cold War era in the 1950's, primarily in Upper State New York. My name is Mary. I was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1948. Throughout my childhood I was subjected to child abuse in the form of experimentation. As a citizen of the United States, I demand that there be an investigation into this matter because it needs to stop. It hurt me and it did terrible damage to my life and the lives of other people in my family. My name is Claudia Mullen and as a citizen of the United States of America, I demand that the President of the United States appoint an Advisory Committee to look into mind control projects that were done by the government during the years between 1950 until now. I was a victim of mind control from New Orleans, Louisiana, but I was taken to several places and I have already given testimony in front of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments and I have already submitted documentation and I urge, strongly, that they form another Committee, as soon as possible, focusing just on mind control, especially since it was done to children - innocent children - and we have to find out how it happened and make sure it never happens again.
My name is Brice Taylor, and I would like to ask the President that it is time now for people in America, and all over the world, become more aware of the many thousands, if not larger numbers of victims, of people who have been used in mind control experimentation as well as being used within our own government and other governments as operatives that have been under mind control - used as a slave labor force without their own knowledge or awareness. I personally was used for many years until I had an accident and began recovering memory of the ways I was used within our government and abroad. I would like to call for an investigation. I think it's time that the people's rights stopped being violated ... our very constitutional rights in this country. Many people that have been used and abused, experimented on, have gone unchecked, and it's time for this population of people to be heard and for the truth to emerge. The truth is going to set us all free, and it's time that it happens now. I have a book that I have written in regard to this, and I have interviewed other survivors all over the country who have had similar experiences as I have had, so I would like to call for an investigation of this whole process and let the truth be known. My name is Kathy Lewis and I am from London, Ontario. For fifteen years I was a high school teacher until I began to remember what had happened, and I too, like many other people, am now on disability. I have had to give up that career. I was raised in the small town of Fort Erie, Ontario and my family was involved in the medical community and the Masonic community, and the military. The same things have happened to me that I am sure you have heard have happened to other people. I barely survive the amount of pain from headaches, in my temples. I would like an explanation of why this happened, and I want the government to stop what is happening because it is still happening, and to recognize the terrible damage that has been done to us, and that you have changed our lives in so many terrible ways, and I want it to end, and I want an explanation. President Clinton. I have survived ritual abuse and mind control from the government. I demand an investigation in order to stop this. Susan Benson Born 1955 My name is Susan Benson and I was born in 1955. I am a citizen of the United States of America. As a citizen, as a child, I was subjected to mind control experimentation that is continuing today. As a citizen of the United States I demand that a Presidential Inquiry and a Commission is set up to expose and uncover this past and current-day experimentation. My experiences with this occurred in the Detroit, Michigan area from 1959 to approximately 1969. This needs to stop. Thank you. My name is Chuck Davenport. I was born in 1955. I was born and raised in the Saginaw Bay area of Michigan, and I was in the military for seven years - 1974 to 1981 - mostly overseas. I would like to see the President conduct Hearings on mind control experiments in the United States. I am a citizen of the United States and I make this request because of what happened to me, what I experienced, and what I witnessed, and what I know to be true. As a citizen of the United States, I would demand that this be done. I see no excuse for it not being done. Thank you. My name is K S. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am a mind control survivor - governmental, CIA, NASA, several other organizations. There are also mob connections in my experience. I was used starting in Reading, Pennsylvania where I was born in 1955 at Reading Hospital. I have been used for about 30 straight years by the government and their mob affiliates. I am now integrating, and I am finally free but there are a lot of other survivors out there who are still struggling. Some of them are dying from suicide programming. There are children who are still being abused and used as human slaves especially for pedophiles. I beg you all, please, to help us get this brought before Congress and to see that these human slavery atrocities are stopped. Thank you. Hello. My name is Terry Parker. I am a resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I would like to convey my concerns to the President of the United States, Mr. Bill Clinton, and to the Prime Minister of Canada, whoever that may be on June 2, 1997. I, at fourteen and sixteen years of age, underwent two mind control experiment procedures involving brain tissue removal and the trespass of 43 implants upon my brain. These incidents occurred at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. There was no disclosure of what was taking place to my Mother or to myself. Since 1969 I have been expelled from school, expelled from college, and from employment as a result of a chronic seizure disorder. I must object a great deal that my life has been severely affected by the experiments considering that I went to great lengths to cooperate with the hospital officials thinking that surgery had taken place, but in reality mind control experimentation was taking place. There are no words to express my horror and anger at what has taken place, and I strongly believe that, as a citizen of Canada, that a Commission of Inquiry or inquest is long overdue to address such matters. I encourage the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of the United States to seriously address my concerns and others such as myself who have been affected and to understand an ongoing problem. Again, I beseech your concern on this very important issue. As a citizen of the United States I request that the President and the government investigate the mind control and abuse that was perpetrated by government agencies on citizens of the United States. My name is Neil Brick. I grew up in the Boston area and I am a survivor of Masonic/satanic ritual abuse and I have a newsletter that investigates ritual abuse, secret societies and government agencies. As a citizen of the United States, I request that the President open an Inquiry into government mind control experimentation. My name is Becky McDonald. I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and was a victim of these experiments during the years of approximately 1969 to 1977. As a United States citizen, I demand that there be a Presidential Inquiry into the CIA's mind control projects. I was born in 1975 and I was an unwilling participant in these heinous crimes. This stuff has to stop. It is against all laws, codes and moral ethics known to man. Please do something. My name is Valerie Wolf. I am a social worker from New Orleans, Louisiana, and a therapist who has specialized in the treatment of trauma including Vietnam Vets, victims of disasters, and child abuse for the past twenty-four years. In March of 1995 I testified with two of my clients in front of the Radiation Commission about reports of government sponsored human experimentation involving mind control techniques involving children as subjects and conducted by the CIA and the American military. Since that time, I have spoken to hundreds of therapists and survivors across the country who are independently reporting similar facts about mind control experiments having been conducted on them as children. I urge you to both appoint a Commission to investigate these allegations and to have the CIA and military files about mind control declassified so that we can discover the truth of these allegations and to prevent their reoccurrence. Thank you. President Clinton. My name is Dr. Pamela Monday. I am a trans-generational marriage and family therapist and I know a lot about family secrets and what goes on behind closed doors. I also know a lot about what has been happening with the mind control experiments that started back in the 1940's and I encourage you, and urge you, to open up a Congressional Investigation of looking into the mind control experiments that were supported with funds that the American people paid for. Already the secret has been exposed in the 1970's. People know about MKULTRA, and about Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke. Those things have already been uncovered, but there's lots of classified information. It's a national shame that so many people have been hurt as we have experimented on human beings ... the radiation stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. It is a terrible, terrible, further shame if we keep it secret and cover it up. I encourage you to open up a Congressional Investigation of these experiments and to come clean with what's been going on so can begin to heal and recover.