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Dr. Rauni Kilde`s book


“Bright Light on Black Shadows”

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde
(the book was published in February 2015)
Chapter I: How did it all start?
Chapter II: Para psychological research
Chapter III: Psychiatry and politics
Chapter IV: Space and our cosmic contacts
Chapter V: New World Order and terror actions
Chapter VI: False flag operations
Chapter VII: WHO and vaccinations
Chapter VIII: Medical abuse
Chapter IX: Chemical trails, Morganelles Disease
Chapter X: Population control with food and Codex Alimentarius
Chapter XI: Mind Control
Chapter XII: Anti-Zensur-Koalition Conference lecture on MK
Chapter XIII: Nanotechnology and microchips and Directed Energy Weapons
Chapter XIV: Mobile phones and microwave plague
Chapter XV: Radiation
Chapter XVI: Working methods of secret services and Military intelligence
Chapter XVII: Military research
Chapter XVIII: Overview of harassment methods by covert community recruits (COINTELPRO, Gladio, Stay-behind)
Chapter XIX: Personal harassment experiences as target
Chapter XX: Catholic Church and pedophilia
Chapter XXI: Healing – fact or fiction?
Chapter XXII: Love is the key
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